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Graphics covers many things and forms of visual imaging. From the logo to the type of font . The colour scheme for the letterhead to the web site and the company equipment. A simple one off flyer for local one time use to a series of adverts backed by brochures and promotional DVD for national or International use.


Corporate Image




Promo CD and DVD





Your corporate image is very important from the start even for a "1 man band" It sets out how your are perceived by the rest of the world. It can also help attract the right sort of customers. That is be attractive to those you want and clear enough not to attract customers looking for something else which wastes your time and theirs. We can design the company image and colour scheme, logos, type fonts, business cards, letter heads, compliment slips, promo pens or umbrellas etc. The complete Package! What that package will comprise will depend on what you and your company needs.




The Logo is the most important thing you will have as this will become the single item that identifies your company, your products, your other materials and promotional goods. It will need to work under many conditions from screen to print in both mono and colour. It will need to look good on letter heads and pens, on your goods and the web site, company shirts or jackets etc. It will probably also be trade marked. So you need to get it right and well designed. Note we can assist with trade marking logos. From more information click here





Adverts are an art form of their own.... but like paintings have rules that trap the unwary. . The design and use of colour will depend on the use the advert is put to where and how it is to be published. We can help guide you though the pitfalls. Not just turn out the advert. We have graphic designers and expert copy writers to assisted with creating or just polishing the text. We can create original artwork (graphics, diagrams or photographs ) to suite your company style or use (or rework) your own source material. For more information click here





Brochures from 1 to 64 pages are very different to adverts. Their structure changes depending on use, message, content and target audience. We have not only the graphic design team but expert copy writers who can either produce from scratch or polish the provided text. We can create original artwork (graphics, diagrams or photographs ) to suite your company style or use (or rework) your own source material.



Promotional CD's & DVD's


Many areas of business now use promotional CDs and DVDs. This gives a complete new way of getting your message across... however they so much are more than just electronic brochures. They can encapsulate sound and video. This makes the design so much more crucial. We have not only graphic designers but designers skilled in moving graphics and video. The use of sound should be considered carefully. We can provide high quality royalty free music to enhance where it is appropriate.