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We can work from an idea, a manuscript or a near finished book, non-fiction, or fiction, text or graphical . We can design the look and feel, create the artwork or pictures and produce the work in a variety of formats complete with ISBN



Why you need a publisher


Whilst authors write the text there are many other skills required to produce a finished document for publication. The style and layout, choosing fonts and artwork, creating artwork, indexes and contents pages. Ensuring that the author has the copyright or license for any images and artwork used in the book. Then there is the format: both the page size and if it is to be hard copy (paper) or one of the many electronic formats. For paper there are many options paper type and weight, the type of binding for the book etc.


For electronic formats there is a wide range depending on the platforms you want to target from a PDF though to Kindle and eBook readers.


The publisher can produce and distribute the finished product and handle the administration.


You need 978-1-910888-**-*

No it's not a US phone number it is an ISBN. (International Standard Book Number) To be precise it is the JAGraphics ISBN identifier. ISBN's can only be obtained in blocks, not individually from the ISBN organisation. It is the publishers who issue them to individual books.


Not all books need an ISBN. However if you want to sell your book and have Amazon and book shops selling your book then you need an ISBN.