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Video, Screen-Cam, Voiceover and production


JAMedia has an array of video and audio equipment to cover most situations.  Including access to a purpose built green screen video studio.

We shoot corporate, conferences, training, current affairs/news, fashion & catwalks.   We do NOT do weddings! 

We can also assist with screen cam work for demonstrating software, including scripts and voice over.  


We can devise, shoot and edit video. Just as important we can provide the audio, both spoken and music. We do Voice Over (VO) work. We have a library of Royalty Free music to suite most uses.

We can edit scripts to produce voiceover either to your video or to one we shoot for you.

JAMedia produces video for such diverse customers as Techworks, IoT Security Foundation, National Microelectronics Institute, Safety Critical Systems Club, Streetwalk Urban Fashion events, Argosim (France), Percepio (Sweden), Phaedrus Systems, QA-Systems (UK), Tamworth Informed News, T4T Carnical, Nue Urban Arts etc







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